Special Programs

The Department of Political Science hosts several special programs that might interest you. We have a strong internship program that is described on the page marked “internships.” We collaborate with I.D.I.A. to run a Model UN and a Model Congress simulation each year and we support a class where you can learn how to participate in running those programs.

We also have an exchange program with Ritsumekian University in Kyoto Japan where 15 Japanese students join our spring semester class for one month, learning about issues of mutual concern and sharing cultural, historical, and political experiences, and where we send 15 of our own students to Japan in June.

Prof. Baker, a distinguished member of our faculty, invites a “baker’s dozen” of students into his Highland Park home for “Baker’s Dozen”, a detailed exploration of American politics to the federal level that involves a trip to DC, guest speakers here, and small group discussions with nationally renowned individuals.

These programs and more are what makes the political science program special.