GRE Waiver Policy

Policy for Requesting GRE Waivers

School of Graduate Studies
Policy for Requesting GRE Waivers
Approved by Executive Council on September 25, 2017
Approved by the SGS Graduate Faculty on December 20, 2017


To develop a more transparent, consistent policy and set of criteria for programs that detail which categories of applicants they may request a waiver of GRE scores for during the admissions process.


  1. Many programs and graduate directors occasionally or regularly request permission to waive GRE scores for certain individuals or specific categories of applicants, but the criteria and process are inconsistent and murky
  2. If GRE scores are not necessary for a program’s evaluation of an applicant’s scholarly excellence and potential, then we should not require students to pay costly fees (about $200 for the test, additional fees for test preparation and reports) to take unnecessary tests.


Graduate programs and tracks may request GRE waivers as follows:

  • 1) For all applicants to their program if GREs are not considered in the admissions review process.
  • 2) For the following categories of students:
    • A) Rutgers University undergraduates who:
      • Have at least a 3.2 GPA in their major;
      • Are applying for a masters degree in the same field (whether as part of an accelerated bachelors/masters, 4 + 1 or 3 + 2 program or not);
      • Are applying within two years of completing their Bachelor’s degree.
    • B) Applicants who:
      • Already have a master’s degree in the same (or closely related) field from a university that uses English as its primary language of instruction;
      • Have at least a 3.2 GPA (or equivalent) for their masters.
    • C) Applicants to terminal masters programs who:
      • Have at least five years of relevant work experience;
      • Have an undergraduate degree from a university that uses English as its primary language of instruction
      • Have an advanced degree from the US (such as a PhD, MD, or MBA)
    • D) Applicants to masters or doctoral programs who already have taken and can submit scores from the MCAT, LSAT, GMAT or other relevant comparable exam.


  1. Graduate programs may request waivers for their programs or categories of applicants to their
    programs by April 1st of each year from their Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. If no new request is received, then the prior year’s arrangement will stay in place.
  2. Once the waiver(s) are approved, Graduate Admissions will be notified and will modify the online application accordingly.
  3. Requests for individual waivers will still be reviewed by the relevant Senior Associate Dean on a case-by-case basis.