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Hector Bahamonde
Hector Bahamonde
Graduate Student
HCK 602

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Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Latin American Politics and Quantitative Methods.



I’m Héctor Bahamonde, a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science in Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). 

My interest focuses on comparative political economy, Latin America, quantitative methods and causal inference.

Currently, I am working on several papers related to vote-selling/buying using both observational and experimental data. 

My thesis focuses on state building for the Latin American states. Particularly, it builds on theories proposed by some political economists, development economists and economic historians.


- The Latin American Studies Association LASA, San Juan - Puerto Rico - 2015.
- The Western Political Science Association WPSA, Las Vegas - 2015.
- The Southern Political Science Association SPSA, New Orleans - 2015.
- The Latin American Studies Association LASA, Chicago - 2014.

(1) "Excellence Fellowship" for Doctoral Studies. Five years of funding, stipends and benefits. Rutgers University.
(2) Conference Travel Support (2013, 2014. 2015-twice).
(3) Small Grant Fund for Research in Latin America (2013).
(4) "Jeromme M. Clubb" ICPSR Fellowship to attend the two sessions (2013).
(5) Teaching Assistant and Graduate Assistant Professional Development Fund (2015)


(1) "Math Camp for Political Scientists" (W:15).

(1) "American Government" - [Undergraduate] - Prof. Ross Baker. (F:14, S:15, F:15, S:16, F:16).
(2) "Introduction to Quantitative Methods" - [Graduate] - Prof. Leech (F:15)

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