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Grace Howard
Grace Howard
Graduate Student
HCK 402

Fridays from 1-4 at the Center for Race and Ethnicity

women and politics, public law, reproductive politics, gender theory, criminal justice, law &
society, race theory.

Grace Howard CV

Women and Politics, Public Law



Grace Howard is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at Rutgers University, focusing on Women & Politics, Public Law, and Political Theory. Her areas of expertise include reproductive politics, race, gender, and class theory, and the politics of criminal justice. She is a Graduate Assistant with the Center for Race and Ethnicity, and her article “The Limits of Pure White: Raced Reproduction in the ‘Methamphetamine Crisis’” is published in the Women’s Rights Law Reporter, Vol. 35, Issue 3 (2015). Ms. Howard is the recipient of an Excellence Fellowship from Rutgers University, and was awarded the Stanley H. and Claire A. Friedelbaum Graduate Student Dissertation Fund Award. Her co-authored article "Informed or Misinformed Consent: Abortion Politics in the States" is forthcoming in the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. Her dissertation focuses on pregnancy exceptionalism in the law, if and how the law matters in criminalizing pregnancy, and an intersectional analysis of the moral panic surrounding pregnancy and substance use.


The Limits of Pure White: Raced Reproduction in the Methamphetamine Crisis, Women's Rights Law Reporter, Forthcoming, 2014


Grace Howard's research focuses on reproductive politics, most notably the criminalization of pregnancy and the regulation of abortion. Her current project traces the criminalization of pregnancy in three states, examining the roles of discretionary action, de facto criminalization, race and class in undermining the most fundamental rights of people who can become pregnant. Her collaborative project with Cynthia Daniels, Ph.D, and Amanda Roberti, Ph.D. candidate, analyzes the content of all state-produced and mandated informed consent information that potential abortion patients must view prior to undergoing an abortion procedure.


Teaching Experience

Rutgers University 2015

Law and Politics


Rutgers University 2015

Politics of Criminal Justice


Rutgers University 2014

Politics of Criminal Justice


Rutgers University 2014

Politics of Criminal Justice, Guest Lecturer for Lisa Miller, Ph.D.

Lecture on Gender and Criminal Justice

Rutgers University 2013-2014

Law and Politics, Teaching Assistant to Professor Bertram Levine

Recitation Instructor

Rutgers University 2012-2015

Politics of Reproduction, Guest Lecturer for Cynthia Daniels, Ph.D.
Lectures on Reproductive Technologies, Eugenics, the Prosecution of Pregnant Women, and the Jane Abortion Collective

Rutgers University 2012

Politics of Reproduction, Teaching Assistant to Professor Cynthia Daniels

Lectures on Reproductive Technologies and Contemporary Legislative Development in Reproductive law

Rutgers University 2012

Women, Culture and Society, Guest Lecturer for Kathe Sandler, Ph.D. Candidate

Lectures on The Good Reproductive Citizen and Cultural Constructions of Fitness

Virginia Commonwealth University 2009

Environmentalism and Social Justice, Guest Lecturer for Mark Wood, Ph.D.

Virginia Commonwealth University 2007-2009

Introduction to International Relations, Supplemental Instruction leader for Chris Saladino.

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