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Tatsiana Kulakevich
Comparative politics, International Relations, Research Methods, International Political Economy, Eastern Europe, Migration
Ecaterina Locoman
Post-communist transitions, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Preferences in Eastern Europe, Russian Foreign Policy, EU enlargement, EU-Russia relations, EU-US relations, EU foreign policy
Ion Marandici
State-business relations (Eastern Europe, Russia, and China), democratization, transitions to capitalism, comparative foreign policy, and Soviet nostalgia.
Mary Nugent
Women and Politics, Comparative Politics, British Politics, Feminist Institutionalism
Juliana Restrepo Sanin
Women's representation, Latin American politics.
Stephanie Szitanyi
Women and Politics, International Relations, American Politics, Feminist Theory, Militarism and Militarization
David Walsh
International security; Public opinion on foreign policy; Political methodology; International political economy; Political psychology
Catherine Wineinger
Women's representation, Congress, political parties