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Rutgers University :: Department of Political Science has 9 registered members
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Sara Angevine
Political Institutions, Representation, Gender, Public Policy
Hector Bahamonde
Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Latin American Politics and Quantitative Methods.
Nicole M. Bizzoco
American Politics (Presidency and Interest Groups); Comparative Politics
Noah Eber-Schmid
Democratic Theory, Contemporary Political Theory, American Political Thought and the Anglo-American Tradition, History of Political Thought, Extremism and Political Violence, Critical theory
Grace Howard
women and politics, public law, reproductive politics, gender theory, criminal justice, law &
society, race theory.
Ion Marandici
State-business relations (Eastern Europe, Russia, and China), democratization, transitions to capitalism, comparative foreign policy, and Soviet nostalgia.
Juliana Restrepo Sanin
Women's representation, Latin American politics.
Amanda Roberti
Women & Politics, American Politics, Public Policy, Abortion Policy, Reproductive Justice, US States, Public Law, Interest Groups
Stephanie Szitanyi
Women and Politics, International Relations, American Politics, Feminist Theory, Militarism and Militarization

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