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Learning Goals

Learning Goal 1

Develop basic understandings of the theory, institutions, policies and practices of the United Nations

  • Take (required) Introduction to the United Nations Course (16:790:525)
  • Focus on one of the curriculum concentrations offered by the UNMA

Learning Goal 2

Students become conversant in global policy studies

  • All UNMA courses are focused on developing student skills as global policy analysts
  • Students are required to write research and policy papers in all advanced level courses (i.e. beyond the two required courses – 16:790:525 Introduction to the United Nations and 16:790:518 Theory and Method in the Study of Global Affairs)

Learning Goal 3

Students apply theoretical and conceptual knowledge to the analysis of pressing global issues and suggesting solutions to them

  • Take 36 credits of coursework, including 16:790:546 Capstone Seminar in United Nations and Global Policy Studies
  • Complete internships
  • Participate in the overseas studies, e.g., European Summer Institute at the International Center for Development and Decent Work, University of Kassel (Germany) 

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